A Brain In A Bottle – Thom Yorke

Today’s song comes in video format. Enjoy!


Wings Over Nyleve – Ariah

Ariah is the ambient project by UK brony producer General Mumble. When people think of brony musicians, they usually think of siller music, and for the most part that’s what General Mumble produces. However, General Mumble really shows a calmer side with this project which is actually rather good. Wings Over Nyleve is from the album Voyager, which is as well done as this song. You should check it out here.

65 & 1 – hyi

Since its introduction last year, hyi has quickly become my favourite artists under the Lapfox label. The creativity and completeness of hyi tracks is always pleasing.

65 & 1 is one of my favourites from the lighter side of hyi. A good beat and soaring synths. It makes me think of adventure, flying, and moving forward.