Viridian Genesis – Anamanaguchi

I love Anamanaguchi. It’s just fun music all around.

This track in particular stands out to me. The chiptune elements in this are minimal, instead replaced with more dreamy sounding synths. It also transitions nicely between the more upbeat, more guitar focused sections and the slower, almost wave like sections with augmented vocals.


Excuse – C418

It’s been a while since I’ve posted C418.

I love this one simply for the ambient vibes that it gives. It makes you feel calm, but somewhat uneasy, like watching the sunset knowing that the dark is coming very soon.

Jumper – Capsule (カプセル)

So recently I’ve been listening to a lot of music from east Asia, mainly Japan and Korea. While I started with the mainstream Kpop, which was hit and miss for me, I eventually ended up with a few lesser known groups.

I love the sound of Capsule. It’s almost a hybrid of EDM and pop music of Japan, but with a more creative flair. The visual aspects of this video, and the style of the group in general, catch my eye as well.

Stranger – Skrillex

Skrillex gets a lot of hate. Hate from people who just don’t like him, hate from people who don’t like dubstep, hate from people who don’t understand how electronic music is made, and recently hate from “fans” who think his new album is crap. Most of the criticism comes under the fire of “he’s not a real musician,” “he’s not a good musician,” or “he’s lost his touch as a musician.”

However, I would argue the exact opposite. Skrillex shows the signs of a good artist. For one, his music is creative, even within a single genre. He tends to use sound in a way that is unique, but not gimmicky, still retaining a solid sound. For another, he has proven that he can do many genres. Some artists can only do one genre, which makes me wonder whether they are really good at making music or just know how to carefully replicate the genre to make it sound good. They don’t really innovate or try anything new. Skrillex, however, has not only been part of a post-hardcore band and done his well known dubstep thing, but has also delved into other genres such as progressive house, chillstep, deep house, as well as some genre bending songs such as Stranger.

This song appears to be a combination of moombahcore and trap. It also goes to show that Skrillex has a lot more up his sleeve than just dubstep. It’s really just one of many new styles that Skrillex dives into in his new album. This also leads to another attribute that I would assign to a real artist, and that is the desire to create what he wants to create without much worry about what is popular. I get the vibe from Skrillex that he makes music that he likes. It just happens that millions of other people also generally like his music. His experiment into other genres wasn’t successful according to critics. It only scored a 59/100 on average. I think Skrillex even knew that his album would not be taken well by most, by the evidence that he named the album “Recess” as if it was a recess from his regular sound. However, I would argue that he has succeeded in creating something new and original, which is what really matters.

My Beat – JAKAZiD

This song comes from the Maximum Sass EP by JAKAZiD, a recent hardcore album with a 90’s feel.

My Beat has some interesting rhythm elements and sample manipulation that make it pretty original. This would go well in a dance set or at a rave, I’m sure.

Ha-neul’s Ambition – NegaRen


For those of you that don’t know, a new NegaRen album is a kind of… Halloween tradition. Last year, however, there wasn’t a NegaRen album. But this year, he’s back and, like most of the other Lapfox Trax aliases, he’s changed. NegaRen has a new sound, and it’s different, but sounds really good. It’s arguably more chill, but more solid and flowing. I think this is a good change, as the old sound was getting stale (Trapped in the Twerkzone was a disaster). You can still hear obvious leftovers from the old sound, but it’s a fresh take on that sound.

Careless (Original Mix)

Here’s an old deadmau5 song, from the days back before he was the famous electronic producer from Toronto. This will sound very odd for most deadmau5 fans. It’s far from his usual style. A lot calmer, with a totally different sound, from what Joel himself calls his “more experimental days.” Personally, I like his older music more than his current sound. This stands out much more from the 4/4 thumping house sound that everybody uses that gets boring really fast.